Games other recycling companies play

To understand how PCD is different, you first must understand how our industry works. Many computer recycling firms have learned to squeeze out extra profits at the expense of their client's interests by playing a game called "PASS THE LIABILITY." Here are the two most popular plays:

The Local Hand-Off

To save on shipping fees, many companies will find someone near you to subcontract the work to. They claim the local company will do just as good of a job, but there's no way to police the methods of these small operators in hundreds of town. There's also little motivation to do so because the original disposal firm legally passes the liability on to the local operator. So what happens to your computers?

The local handoff

The Overseas Pass

Many disposal firms have discovered that it's much more profitable to outsource their processing services overseas because foreign companies will actually pay for unwiped computers. They promise to remove your data, but recently a high-profile company discovered that its hard drives were being sold in Nigeria with the data sill on them!

The overseas pas


How PC Disposal is different

The Liability Stops Here!

No middlemen here. Computers are delivered directly to PC Disposal in secured steel cages (if this service is requested). From there, computers are thoroughly processed before being resold or properly disposed using approved EPA methods. Our reputation (and yours) is backed by our $1,000,000 guarantee.
The PC Disposal way

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